Title: Radio waves
Cataloguenumber: GDR CD 9022
Date: 9th april 1974
Title: Railroad tracks
Cataloguenumber: Oxygen  027
Date: 19th december 1995
Title: Raising cain
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 37-38-39
Date: 24th june 1978
Title: Rally for disarmament
Cataloguenumber: GDR FTD CD 5
Date: ?
Title: Ramblin' gamblin' man
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 01-02-03
Title: Ready for the world
Cataloguenumber: GR 585-586-587
Date: 29th june 1984
Title: Red bank night
Cataloguenumber: CC 454-455-456
Date: 31st january 1998
Title: Rehearsel night
Cataloguenumber: CC 649-650
Date: 30th july 2002
Title: Request night
Cataloguenumber: SuperSonic SS 200024-200025-200026
Date: 26th april 2000
Title: Rise again
Cataloguenumber: Pieces of 8 002-003
Date: 21st august 2002
Title: Rising tour rarities - vol 1, The
Cataloguenumber: Pablo records 31
Date: Several dates
Title: Rising tour rarities - vol 2, The
Cataloguenumber: Pablo records 32
Date: Several dates
Title: Rising up in Atlanta 2002
Cataloguenumber: Mainstream MSBR 46 A/B
Date: 2nd december 2002
Title: Rock & roll is here to stay
Cataloguenumber: Eagle records 003
Date: ?
Title: Rock in rio ep, The
Cataloguenumber: --
Date: 3rd june 2012
Title: Rockin' all over Berlin
Cataloguenumber: Asbury records 04-05
Date: 20th october 2002
Title: Rockin' all over the world
Cataloguenumber: Pluto records PRL CD 9107
Date: 11th april 1981
Title: Rock for change
Cataloguenumber: GR 78-79
Date: 2nd october 2004
Title: Rocking down the giants
Cataloguenumber: GR 451-452-453
Date: 2nd october 2009
Title: Rocks the playpen
Cataloguenumber: Moonlight 9501
Date: 21st october 1994
Title: Roses and broken hearts
Cataloguenumber: Gamble records BSGR 16-17-18
Date: 3rd may 1988
Title: Roses for rome
Cataloguenumber: GR 169-170-171
Date: 15th june 1988
Title: Roxy night
Cataloguenumber: CC 342-343-344
Date: 7th july 1978
Title: Roxy theatre night, The
Cataloguenumber: CC 851-852
Date: 17th october 1975
Title: Run through the jungle
Cataloguenumber: Gamble records BSGR 01-02-03
Date: 29th april 1981
Title: Running out of innocence
Cataloguenumber: GR 137-138
Date: Outtakes
Title: Saint in the city
Cataloguenumber: Swingin' pig CD 048-2
Date: 3rd march 1974
Title: Saint, the incident & the main point shuffle, The
Cataloguenumber: Great Dane Records CD 9012
Date: 2nd february 1975
Title: San jose magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 884-885
Date: 5th april 2008
Title: San siro magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 899-900-901
Date: 25th june 2008
Title: San siro night
Cataloguenumber: CC 709-710-711
Date: 28th june 2003
Title: Santiago dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 965-966-967
Date: 2nd august 2009
Title: Satans jewel crown
Cataloguenumber: BIGbx 004
Date: 24th june 1993
Title: Saturday, everybody rocks!
Cataloguenumber: GR 297-298
Date: 21st june 2008
Title: Saturday night
Cataloguenumber: CC 537-538-539
Date: 17th june 2000
Title: Saturday night live
Cataloguenumber: GDR CD FTD 7
Date: 9th  may 1992
Title: Second night at the capitol theatre
Cataloguenumber: GR 729/730/731
Date: 20th september 1978
Title: Seekin' shelter from the storm
Cataloguenumber: GR 788/789/790
Date: 10th june 2012
Title: Sha la la
Cataloguenumber: Papillon cd 006/2
Date: 28th december 1975
Title: Shea loves you!
Cataloguenumber: Lightstorm 100403 1-2-3-4
Date: 4th october 2003
Title: Sheffield night
Cataloguenumber: CC 321/322/323
Date: 15th april 1999
Title: Singin' in the rain
Cataloguenumber: Asbury records AR 03
Date: 29th august 2002
Title: Sky over Berlin, The
Cataloguenumber: Moonraker 127
Date: 19th april 1996
Title: Smalltown boy
Cataloguenumber: Swingin' pig TSP CD 037
Date: 24th april 1973
Title: Sold out night
Cataloguenumber: CC 836-837-838
Date: 6th december 2001
Title: Solo acoustic tour collection
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 28/29/35/36
Date: 14th december 1995
Title: Something in those nights
Cataloguenumber: GR 280-281-282
Date: Several dates
Title: Something special in the night
Cataloguenumber: GR 10-11-12
Date: 18th october 2002
Title: Son, I'm lucky in this town
Cataloguenumber: GR 238-239
Date: 19th november 2007
Title: Son you may kiss the bride
Cataloguenumber: WDAL 23505
Date: Outtakes
Title: Sony & tradewinds
Cataloguenumber: CC 369-370
Date: 5th april 1995
Title: Sony studios, april 5th 1996
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 27-28
Date: 5th april 1995
Title: S.O.S. Racisme!
Cataloguenumber: GDR CD FTD 4
Date: ?
Title: Spanish eyes
Cataloguenumber: GR 773/774/775
Date: 17th june 2012
Title: Spare works
Cataloguenumber: GR 487
Date: Several dates
Title: Spirits in the night at Fenway
Cataloguenumber: AEP 2003291
Date: 7th september 2003
Title: Springsteen, Raitt and Browne
Cataloguenumber: TCD 16
Date: ?
Title: Springtime in Asbury Park
Cataloguenumber: Freedom for America records 876 543 2
Title: St Louis magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 915-916-917
Date: 23rd august 2008
Tit;e: St Paul night
Cataloguenumber: CC 741-742
Date: 5th october 2004
Title: Stockholm night
Cataloguenumber: CC 674-675-676
Date: 24th october 2002
Stockholm dream box
Title: Stockholm first dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 930-931-932
Date: 4th june 2009
Title: Stockholm second dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 933-934-935
Date: 5th june 2009
Title: Stockholm third dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 936-937-938
Date: 7th june 2009
Title: Stockholm dust night
Cataloguenumber: CC 766-767
Date: 25th june 2005
Title: Stockholm magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 857-858
Date: 10th december 2007
Title: Stockholm tonight 2006
Cataloguenumber: CC 810-811
Date: 30th october 2006
Title: Straight into our hearts
Cataloguenumber: GR 117-118
Date: 7th august 2005
Title: Straight time
Cataloguenumber: Amsterdam 724
Date: 27th january 1997
Title: Streets of new jersey
Cataloguenumber: Montana 10024
Date: Several dates
Title: Sugarland
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 66-67-68
Date: 18th november 1984
Title: Summer night in Foxboro
Cataloguenumber: Cellar dweller 081001303
Date: 2nd august 2008
Title: Summertime Bruce
Cataloguenumber: GR 299-300-301
Date: 25th june 2008
Title: Summertime in New York City
Cataloguenumber: Freedom for america records 876 544 2
Date: 23rd july 1971
Title: Sunlight soldiers at the west end
Cataloguenumber: Rattlesnake 008
Date: ?-march-1970
Title: Tacoma dome, 21st august 2002
Cataloguenumber: ?
Date: 21st august 2002
Title: Take 'em home
Cataloguenumber: TRP CD 2000-2001
Date: 2nd august 1999
Title: Teardrops on the city
Cataloguenumber: GR 355-356-357
Date: 8th May 1981
Title: Teardrops on the tower
Cataloguenumber: Wild card 12/30/75
Date: 30th december 1975
Title: Ten years burning down the road
Cataloguenumber: Rattlesnake 102-103
Date: 24th july 1984
Title: That's the way it is
Cataloguenumber: Doberman 263-264-265
Date: 27th may 2000
Title: There's magic in the night
Cataloguenumber: GR 242-243
Date: 2nd december 2007
Title: This hard land
Cataloguenumber: BS 2002
Date: outtakes
Title: This time it's for real
Cataloguenumber: GR 336-337
Date: 4-5-6 october 2008
Title: Thundercrack
Cataloguenumber: Great Dane Records CD 8916
Date: 24th april 1973
Title: Ties that bind, The
Cataloguenumber: --
Date: Outtakes
Title: Tivoli
Cataloguenumber: Jumping cat records 070-071
Date: 7th may 1996
Title: Together live at the rock and roll hall of fame
Cataloguenumber: Living legend records cd 101
Date: 20th january 1988
Title: Tokyo night
Cataloguenumber: CC 424-425
Date: 31st january 1997
Title: Tom joad blues
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 42-43
Date: 25th september 1996
Title: Torn and frayed
Cataloguenumber: The genuine pig records 122
Date: 4th may 1970
Title: Transmissions
Cataloguenumber: SMC2447
Date: Several dates
Title: Tunnel of lust
Cataloguenumber: The swingin' pig cd 069
Date: ?
Title: Twist and shush
Cataloguenumber: GR 800
Date: various