Title: Fantastico Bruce
Cataloguenumber: STCD 3010-3011-3012
Date: 21st june 1985
Title: Feyenoord stadion night
Cataloguenumber: CC 691-692-693
Date: 8th may 2003
Title: Firecracker show, The
Cataloguenumber: Moonlight 9627-9628-9629
Date: 31st december 1978
Title: First night of hope & dreams
Cataloguenumber: BSPBER 1-2-3
Date: 29th may 1999
Title: First reunion performance, The
Cataloguenumber: Asbury records 14-15
Date: 21st february 1995
Title: Fist full of dollars
Cataloguenumber: EST ES 61
Date: Demos and outtakes of nebraska

Title: Flashback: The live box outtakes 1975-1988
Cataloguenumber: OMS 269-272
Date: several
Title: Folk 'n' roll in the temple of soul
Cataloguenumber: GR 733/734
Date: 9th march 2012
Title: Folk and fire
Cataloguenumber: GR 163-164
Date: 5th october 2006
Title: Follow that dream
Cataloguenumber: GR 719/720/721
Date: 7th may 1981
Title: Follow that dream
Cataloguenumber: spring 1-2-3
Date: 7th may 1981
Title: For a kiss and a smile
Cataloguenumber: GR 425-426
Date: 23rd july 2009
Title: For true rockers
Cataloguenumber: Lizard CD 078-079-080
Date: 17th april 1999
Title: Forever young
Cataloguenumber: Gamble records BSGR 09
Date: 2nd september 1995
Title: Frisco second night
Cataloguenumber: CC 528-529-530
Date: 26nd october 1999
Title: From the dark heart of a dream
Cataloguenumber: GR 183-184
Date: 25th march 1977
Title: Full spectrum, The
Cataloguenumber: AEO 2005391
Date: 27th october 1976
Title: Gent night
Cataloguenumber: CC510-511
Date: 27th may 1999
Title: Genuine tracks, The
Cataloguenumber: GBS 008
Date: several dates & outtakes
Title: Genuine tracks, The
Cataloguenumbers: --
Date: Several dates & outtakes
Title: Ghost of woody, The
Cataloguenumber: FTCD 081/82
Date: 14th March 1996
Title: The Giants game
Cataloguenumber: GR 622/623/624
Date: 31st august 2003
Title: Glory days
Cataloguenumber: BOSS 001
Date: 22nd august `985
Title: God's loneliest man
Cataloguenumber: Red devil 068
Date: 24th may 2005
Title: Good evening new jersey
Cataloguenumber: Wall of sound 005
Date: USA 1992
Title: Good rockin' tonight
Cataloguenumber: Great dane records FTD 1
Date: different dates
Title: Got to be good
Cataloguenumber: GR 387-388-389
Date: 26th april 2009
Title: Gothenburg dust night
Cataloguenumber: CC 764-765
Date: 23th june 2005
Title: Gothenburg first magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 905-906-907-908
Date: 4th july 2008
Title: Gothenburg second magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 909-910-911
Date: 5th july 2008
Title: Gran torino
Cataloguenumber: GR 422-423-424
Date: 21st july 2009
Title: Grand rapids night
Cataloguenumber: CC 773-774
Date: 3rd august 2005
Title: Grande finale
Cataloguenumber: GR 537/538/539
Date: 2nd october 1985
Title: Greatest hits live
Cataloguenumber: Sten 91 011
Date: Different dates
Title: Greetings from Buffalo NJ
Cataloguenumber: GR 467-468-469
Date: 22nd november 2009
Title: Greetings from Liberty hall
Cataloguenumber: Wonderland Records WLR 2100
Date: 9th & 10th March 1974
Title: Greetings from Los Angeles
Cataloguenumber: Great dane records FTD 3
Date: -
Title: Greetings from Trenton, NJ
Cataloguenumber: GR128-129-130
Date: 22nd november 2005
Title: Growin' up
Cataloguenumber: --
Date: several dates
Title: Hamburg magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC894-895
Date: 21st june 2008
Title: Hard land
Cataloguenumber: KObra Records 06-07
Date: 29th november 1995
Title: Headin' south
Cataloguenumber: Doberman 156-157-158
Date: 28th january 1981
Title: Heart & soul
Cataloguenumber: E-ST 08-09-10
Date: 5th november 1980
Title: Hi Bruce!
Cataloguenumber: Eagle cd 004
Date: ?
Title: High hopes - Ultra rare tracks vol. 1
Cataloguenumber: TSP CD 5118
Date: Different dates
Title: History is made at night
Cataloguenumber GR Box 03
Date: 21st, 22nd, 23rd august 1978
Title: Hits the sixties
Cataloguenumber: Wonderland records WLR 2127
Date: Several dates
Title: Home of the 76ers
Cataloguenumber: GR72-73
Date: 27th october 1976
Title: Honeymoon vol. 2
Cataloguenumber: Leopard CD 121-2
Date: 9th june 1985
Title: Hyde park dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 942-943-944
Date: 28th june 2009
Title: Iceman, The
Cataloguenumber: BS 100
Date: Outtakes
Title: If you make your home in Italy
Cataloguenumber: GR 240-241
Date: 28th november 2007
Title: I'm so glad to be here tonight
Cataloguenumber: Gamble Records 06-07-08
Date: 20th april 1993
Title: I'm turning into elvis
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 16
Date: several dates
Title: Imperial clarence
Cataloguenumber: FIFI records 24-25-26
Date: 28th april 1999
Title: In freehold
Cataloguenumber: Midnight Beat cd 097-098
Date: 8th november 1996
Title: In the heart of sin city
Cataloguenumber: Magic mushrooms cd 9206
Date: 13th june 1992
Title: Inside a quiet space
Cataloguenumber: Swingin' pig cd 5888-5889
Date: 16th june 2005
Title: Into the river we dive + bonusdisc Serenade to NYC
Cataloguenumber: GR 464-465-466 + bonus cd
Date: 8th november 2009 (bonus disc 7th november 2009)
Title: Into the river we dive - 2nd edition
Cataloguenumber: GR 464-465-466
Date:8th november 2009
Title: Intimate night
Cataloguenumber: GR 17-18
Date: 19th february 2003
Title: The Italian box
Title: Bologna dust night
Cataloguenumber: CC 777-778
Date: 4th june 2005
Title: Roma dust night
Cataloguenumber: CC 779-780
Date: 6th june 2005
Title: Milano dust night
Cataloguenumber: CC 781-782
Date: 7th june 2005
Title: Italian dream box, The
Title: Roma dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 949-950-951
Date: 19th july 2009
Title: Torino dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 952-953-954
Date: 21st july 2009
Title: Udine dream night
Cataloguenumber: CC 955-956
Date: 23rd july 2009
Title: The Italian promise
Cataloguenumber: GR 761/762/763
Date: 7th june 2012
Title: It's all right roma
Cataloguenumber: Viper records 241-242-243
Date: 25th may 1993
Title: It's boss time
Cataloguenumber: GR 234-235
Date: 5th november 2007
Title: Jah love
Cataloguenumber: Mistral MM 9114
Date: ?
Title: Jersey devil, The
Cataloguenumber: Golden stars GZCD 2005
Date: 19th august 1978
Title: Jingle bell night
Cataloguenumber: CC 612-613-614
Date: 7th december 2001
Title: Jingle bell rock
Cataloguenumber: Ultimate sound 57-58
Date: 3rd december 2001
Title: Just around the corner
Cataloguenumber: Fakida records 10-11
Date: 3rd november 2000
Title: Kansas city night
Cataloguenumber: CC 360-361-362
Date: 19th november 1984
Title: Keep on dreamin'
Cataloguenumber: GR 114-115
Date: 28th june 2005
Title: Killer cuts
Cataloguenumber: Doberman 077-078
Date: several dates
Title: Killers in the sun
Cataloguenumber: Winged wheel 9427-9428-9429
Date: 30th september 1974
Title: Köln magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 875-876
Date: 13th december 2007