CD 0-E

Title: 1st Night at Madison square garden
Cataloguenumber: --
Date: 12th june 2000
Title: 4th of july
Cataloguenumber: GR 304
Date: 4th july 2008
Title: 30 tracks in Manchester 1999
Cataloguenumber: MNA 020599A/B/C
Date: 2nd may 1999
Title: 1999
Cataloguenumber: BSGR 21/22/23
Date: 24th april 1999
Title: A book of covers
Cataloguenumber: Wonderland Records WLR 2106
Date: Several dates
Title: A dream where everything goes right
Cataloguenumber: GR 454-455-456
Date: 20th october 2009
Title: A family affair
Cataloguenumber: GR 512-513-514
Date: 11th june 1999
Title: A good job in the city
Cataloguenumber: GR 390-391
Date: 16th april 2009
Title: A love affair
Cataloguenumber: GR 83/84/85
Date: 21st june 1985
Title: A night at the opera
Cataloguenumber: BSGR 09/10
Date: 16th may 1997
Title: A night at the soldierfields
Cataloguenumber: PBS 05/6/7
Date: 9th august 1985
Title: A night for the vietnam veterans
Cataloguenumber: GR 256/257/258
Date: 20th august 1981
Title: A quiet night in amsterdam
Cataloguenumber: ES 33/34
Date: 26th february 1996
Title: A reason to begin again
Cataloguenumber: GR 229/230
Date: 6th october 2007
Title: A star is born
Cataloguenumber: GR 435/436
Date: 20th july 1975
Title: A sunny day at the meadowlands
Cataloguenumber: Orange 024
Date: 7th august 2002
Title: A tribute to Curtis Mayfield
Cataloguenumber: GDR CD FTD 11
Date: 1st march 1994
Title: Acoustic by boss
Cataloguenumber: KZBO 01-02
Date: ?
Title: Acoustic concert
Cataloguenumber: SA 24 016
Date: 16th november 1990
Title: Acoustic jewels - Ultra rare tracks vol. 2
Cataloguenumber: TSP CD 5119
Date: different dates
Title: Acoustic tales
Cataloguenumber: Flamingo records FR 01
Date: All different dates
Title: Across the canadian border
Cataloguenumber: GR 837/838/839
Date: 26th november 2012
Title: Across the border
Cataloguenumber: BRCD 1902
Date: 7th january 1996
Title: Across the border
Cataloguenumber: AMS 726
Date: 30th january 1997
Title: Agora night
Cataloguenumber: CC 731/34
Date: 9th august 1978
Title: All those nights
Cataloguenumber: CC 338/39
Date: different dates
Title: All those nights vol. 2
Cataloguenumber: CC 768/70
Date: different dates
Title: All those years
Cataloguenumber: Templar cd 1-2-3-4-5
Date: demos and several dates.
Title: American land
Cataloguenumber: GR 152/153
Date: 22nd june 2006
Title: American style
Cataloguenumber: FM 2115
Date: 20th august 1994
Title: Amsterdam magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 891-893
Date: 18th june 2008
Title: An american santa in paris
Cataloguenumber: GR 251-252
Date: 17th december 2007
Title: Another carnival by the danube
Cataloguenumber: GR 409-410-411
Date: 5th july 2009
Title: Antwerpen magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 896-898
Date: 23rd june 2008
Title: Apollo
Cataloguenumber: CC990/991/992
Date: 9th march 2012
Title: Arnhem magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 855-856
Date: 1st december 2007
Title: Arnhem night
Cataloguenumber: CC 496-498
Date: 20th june 1999
Title: Asbury park night
Cataloguenumber: CC 421-23
Date: 26th november 1996
Title: At the edge of darkness
Cataloguenumber: BSCD81278
Date: outtakes
Title: Atlantic city
Cataloguenumber: CC 684-86
Date: 7th march 2003
Title: Au clair de la lune
Cataloguenumber: GR 780/781/782
Date: 5th july 2012
Title: Back to jungleland
Cataloguenumber: LZCD 81/82/83
Date: 19th april 1999
Title: Backsides
Cataloguenumber: CD 8300
Date: B-sides of releases
Title: Backstreets of Phialdelphia
Cataloguenumber: PB 026-027-028
Date: 13th september 1999
Title: Backstreets of Philadelphia
Cataloguenumber: PB 029-030-031
Date: 15th september 1999
Title: Backstreets of Philadelphia
Cataloguenumber: PB 032-033-034
Date: 20th september 1999
Title: Backstreets of Philadelphia
Cataloguenumber: PB 035-036-037
Date: 25th september 1999
Title: Barcelona magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 912-914
Date: 20th july 2008
Title: Barcelona night
Cataloguenumber: CC 484-485
Date: 11th april 1999
Title: Before the fame
Cataloguenumber: per5899
Date: studio outtakes
Title: Before the fame
Cataloguenumber: ekcy 10014
Date: studio outtakes
Title: Beneath a peaceful sky
Cataloguenumber: GR 795/796/797
Date: 21st julu 2012
Title: Bercy night
Cataloguenumber: CC499-500
Date: 3rd june 1999
Title: Berkeley night
Cataloguenumber: CC 380-81
Date: 29th november 1995
Title: Berlin 1995
Cataloguenumber: orange 020
Date: 9th july 1995
Title: Berlin night
Cataloguenumber: CC 349-401
Date: 19th april 1996
Title: Best ballads
Cataloguenumber: 8 290135
Date: studio
Title: Better men
Cataloguenumber: GR 80/81
Date: 13th october 2004
Title: Big big night
Cataloguenumber: CC 479/480
Date: 18th march 1999
Title: Big fiesta, The
Cataloguenumber: GR 246-247
Date: 26th november 2007
Title: Birthday bash, The
Cataloguenumber: Doberman 231-232-233
Date: 29th july 1999
Title: Bloomington night
Cataloguenumber: CC 447-449
Date: 10th may 1988
Title: Blue christmas night
Cataloguenumber: CC 834-35
Date: 17th december 2000
Title: Boom boom
Cataloguenumber: PPL 501
Date: 1st april 1988
Title: Born again
Cataloguenumber: OXY 087
Date: 19th april 1996
Title: Born in the studio
Cataloguenumber: BS 7375
Date: outtakes
Title: Born to be wild
Cataloguenumber: GR 323
Date: Different dates
Title: Born to serve
Cataloguenumber: Diamond cat 99-1-2-3
Date: 30th may 1999
Title: Boss is back, The
Cataloguenumber: Never End 1522
Date: several dates
Title: Boss keeps rockin', The
Cataloguenumber: Imt 903 001
Date: Several dates.
Title: Boston godfather, The
Cataloguenumber: GR box 17
Date: 22-23-24-25 march 1977
Title: Boston serenade
Cataloguenumber: AEP2003304
Date: Different dates
Title: Bound for glory
Cataloguenumber: FR 11
Date: Different dates
Title: Broken dreams and reasons to believe
Cataloguenumber: GR 192-193-194
Date: Diferent dates
Title: Brothers and sisters
Cataloguenumber: GR 165-166
Date: 10th october 2006
Title: Bruce Springsteen
Cataloguenumber: SAT 004
Date: 30th august 1972
Title: Bruce Springsteen story vol. 1: The Castiles, The
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 04
Date: ?-january 1967
Title: Bruce springsteen story vol. 2: The Castiles
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 05
Date: outtakes + ?-january-1967
Title: Bruce springsteen story vol. 4
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 07
Date: 18th january 1971
Title: Bruce Springsteen story vol. 5
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 21
Date: ?
Title: Bruce Springsteen story vol. 6
Cataloguenumber: E. ST. 53
Date: 23rd july 1971
Title: Burning' down the clock
Cataloguenumber: GR 753/754/755
Date: 13th may 2012
Title: Castaway
Cataloguenumber: CL 002
Date: between 1984-1985
Title: Catalonian cowboys
Cataloguenumber: AP 01-02
Date: 7th May 1996
Title: Catch these big stars in the night.... if you can!
Cataloguenumber: Eagle cd 005
Date: ?
Title: Christic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 756-757
Date: 17th November 1990
Title: Christmas holiday night
Cataloguenumber: CC 543-544
Date: 18th december 2000
Title: Christmas soul night
Cataloguenumber: CC 664-665-666
Date: 8th december 2003
Title: Church sessions, The
Cataloguenumber: GR 149
Date: 9th may 2006
Title: Cleveland magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 848-849
Date: 4th november 2007
Title: Cleveland night
Cataloguenumber: CC 739-740
Date: 2nd october 2004
Title: Coliseum night
Cataloguenumber: CC 351-352-353
Date: 29th december 1980
Title: Come on man...stand on it
Cataloguenumber: GR 294-295-296
Date: 18th june 2008
Title: Cool rockin' daddy
Cataloguenumber: Invasion unlimited 9308-3
Date: 15th april 1993
Title: Copenhagen night
Cataloguenumber: CC 534-535-536
Date: 26th june 1999
Title: Count basie theatre magic night
Cataloguenumber: CC 882-883
Date: 7th may 2008
Title: Covering 'em
Cataloguenumber: BKCD 058
Date: different dates
Title: Cruisin' with the boss
Cataloguenumber: HEN 066
Date: Different dates
Title: Deep down in the vaults
Cataloguenumber: ES 63-64-65
Date: different dates & outtakes
Title: Definitive darkness & river outtakes collection, The
Cataloguenumber: E.ST. 14-15-16-17-25-26
Date: Outtakes
Title: Defintive remastered darkness outtakes, The
Cataloguenumber: GR 37-38
Date: Outtakes
Title: Devils and dust in Madrid
Cataloguenumber: Whoopy cat
Date: 2nd june 2005
Title: Devils and dust solo & acoustic tour 2005
Cataloguenumber: BS FFM 15605 1/2
Date: 15th june 2005
Title: Devils & dust tour
Cataloguenumber: --
Date: 16th july 2005
Title: Does this bus stop at max's?
Cataloguenumber: GR 269
Date: 31st january 1973
Title: Don't look back
Cataloguenumber: --
Date: 15th november 1999
Title: Double dutch
Cataloguenumber: AEP 2003264
Date: 22nd october 2002
Title: Down in Hollywood
Cataloguenumber: TCD 34
Date: --
Title: Down in jungleland vol. 1
Cataloguenumber: Winged Wheel 9432
Date: --
Title: Down in jungleland vol. 2
Cataloguenumber: Winged Wheel 9433
Date: --
Title: Down the road apiece
Cataloguenumber: Golden stars GZCD 1071
Date: 17th december 1971
Title: Dream of life
Cataloguenumber: GR 840/841/842
Date: 28th november 2012
Title: Driving that dusty road
Cataloguenumber: GR 530/531
Date: 16th june 1978
Title: Earls court night
Cataloguenumber: CC 490-491-492
Date: 21st may 1999
Title: Early years vol. 1, The
Cataloguenumber: Bagel boys records JD 01
Date: ?-?-1972
Title: Even better than the real thing
Cataloguenumber: MTCD 07/08
Date: 20th april 1999
Title: Everybody's rockin' tonight
Cataloguenumber: GR 598-599-600
Date: 30st september 1978
Title: Everybody needs somebody to love
Cataloguenumber: Midnight beat CD 005/006/007
Date: 31st march 1993
Title: Exit through the backdoor
Cataloguenumber: Yellow cat 041/042
Date: 26th/27th february1972
Title: Express to england
Cataloguenumber: Mainstream 060/061/062
Date: 21st june 1988